Koneprusia brutoni Fossil Trilobite. Devonian. Ofaten. Morocco. 4,4 cm

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Repairs/Restoration details: Restoration on 50% of the tiny small pigydial spines. The tip of the last left thoracic spine was also reconstructed. <3% total restorations. All freestanding spines, which gives this specimen (like a "living bush") a display very difficult to achive, resulting from dozens of lab working hours.

Dimensions: Koneprusia brutoni: 4,4 x 2,6 cm; Matrix: 7,7 x 6,2 cm.

Finding location: Ofaten, Issimour complex, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.


Species: Koneprusia brutoni.

Family: Odontopleuridae.

Order: Odontopleurida.

Class: Trilobita.


Geological Period: Devonian, from Paleozoic Era.


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