Insane spines on spines Koneprusia dahmani Fossil Trilobite. Oufaten. Morocco.

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Presented is an absolutely unique specimen of Koneprusia dahmani with secondary spines preserved on the primary spines during preparation. A museum grade super spiny and huge trilobite from Oufaten, in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Koneprusia hard enough to reach a spines-on-spines preparation with the improvement of lab preparation techniques in recent years, are typical from Oufaten. Big ones are also typical from there. Nevertheless, this one, with more than 5 cm (slightly more than 2 inches), it is, for sure, the biggest perfect spine-on-spine Koneprusia you've ever seen. It seams a butterfly of the sea or a living thorn bush!

With perfect details all over, the percentage of reconstruction is about 2%, in some missing micro spines. Its "flying" position enhances all characteristics that make it one of the Devonian beloved ones from Morocco.

The exoskeleton texture is fabulous and bright, prepared with the most advanced techniques and we can say, with pride, it is the best specimen on the market. It took around 180 hours of lab work preparation, under microscope using air abrasives. And, of course, it also required a tremendous amount of expertise, only within reach of a few.

For this specimen, we accept a payment in two installments.


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