Huge perfect Drotops armatus Fossil Trilobite. Issimour. Morocco.

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Presented is an amazing museum grade Drotops armatus, the mega spiny huge trilobite species from Issimour quarries, in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco. This specimen shows, besides an unusual huge size (13,2 cm = 5,2 inches), perfect details in all its extent.

All 85 spines are natural, the eyes are great with huge protective spines that gives the specimen an intense personality. 80-85% ocella on left eye; 95-100% ocella on right eye.

The hypostome is slightly displaced and its position was not corrected as an all natural option. The exoskeleton texture is fabulous, prepared with the most advanced techniques and, unlike most presentations online, we show you outside, sunny pictures and not only studio ones to prove you that and let you "feel" the specimen properly.

This is, with no doubt, the best specimen on the market, prepared by the best Drotops sp. preper in the world, which counts already with more than 150 specimens prepared.

This Devonian Phacophid took around 120 hours of lab work to be prepared. It is, for sure, the most interesting and impressive specimen of this species that you can acquire.

Even if its size and display causes the sensation it will falls when you remove the plastic base from the transport box, we can clarify that it stands perfectly on its matrix.

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